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  • Designing Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

    Standing seam metal roofs (SSMRs) have many functional and aesthetic advantages and a long history of reliable performance. They are system designs in which all the pieces must work together in complete harmony to have a successful outcome. This course examines the criteria that should be considered when selecting a standing seam roof panel for a project and the best practices to ensure a properly designed, detailed, and installed standing seam roof.

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  • Making Products Last: A Review of Metal Panel Warranties

    There is no blanket approach to warranties for metal panel roofing. It is a misconception that the standard warranty holds the manufacturer responsible for defects in installation. This course discusses three types of warranties typically seen in metal roof design specifications, and to show how warranties work, what is covered, and what is excluded, some of the key issues associated with the installation of metal panel roofing are presented.

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  • Metal Roofing Systems: Details Matter

    The goal of any roofing project should be long-term performance of the roof system. This means thoughtful, long-term consideration of any details incorporated into it. This course discusses details and conditions to consider when installing trim, seams, and accessories into a metal roofing system to ensure long-lasting performance. Examples of incorrect and correct installations and their effects on the performance of the roof are shown.

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  • Mineral Wool IMPs: Sustainable, Fire-Resistant Construction

    A sound building envelope should be sustainable and provide fire resistance, good thermal performance, and protection from the elements. Mineral wool fire-rated insulated metal panels (IMPs) can improve building performance and contribute to a sustainable design strategy. Included in this course are discussions on mineral wool IMP characteristics and design options, performance advantages, and installation considerations. The course details how fire resistance is specified in the International Building Code and provides examples of fire wall and fire partition construction assemblies.

    This course is one of two identical courses titled Mineral Wool IMPs: Sustainable, Fire-Resistant Construction. You will receive credit for taking only one of these courses.

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  • Single-Skin Metal Panel Building Envelope Solutions

    As part of a well-designed rainscreen system, single-skin metal panels offer unique aesthetic options combined with the assurance that the building envelope will withstand the effects of long-term exposure to the elements. This course compares common cladding types; presents single-skin metal panel materials, coatings, finishes, and design options; and examines using single-skin metal panels with a single-component barrier wall to form a complete rainscreen assembly.

    This course is one of three identical courses titled Single-Skin Metal Panel Building Envelope Solutions. You will receive credit for taking only one of these courses.

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  • The Design & Performance Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels

    Insulated metal panels (IMPs) fulfill several functions of the building envelope and numerous aspects should be considered in their design from a structural, energy efficiency, and fire safety standpoint. Reviewed in this course are the specification considerations, design opportunities, and the standards and policies pertaining to IMP systems. Also discussed are the many performance benefits and green advantages IMPs offer over traditional building envelope materials.

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